Welcome to The Zephyrs!
The Photographic Society of Queensland proudly presents a totally new National Photographic Competition for Creative Photographers.

Definition: Any image where the artist has demonstrated innovation in photographic expression.

Entries Close: Sunday 22 October
Judging: Saturday 4 November

Marian Drew, Photographic Artist, Brisbane
Brett Lethbridge, Artist & Director Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane
Lisa Kurtz, Photographic Artist, Brisbane
Sue Gordon, Photographic Artist, Brisbane

First Prize $1500
Judges Innovation Awards: 3 CameraPro gift vouchers of $200 each
Gold, Silver and Bronze APS Medallions plus Highly Commended Awards

Enquiries: Keven Hyde via zephyrphotoawards@gmail.com

See Grey Buttons on right for more details

Competition now concluded - 2023 Zephyrs
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Online Catalogue Now Available

The Zephyr Photographic Awards Full Catalogue and Online Gallery are now available on the MyPhotoClub Website.

by Keven Hyde, 24 November, 2023

Zephyr Encouragement Awards

All CameraPro $200 shop credit

(Brett Lethbridge)
Coming of Age – Stacey Nicholas

(Sue Gordon)
Duality in Perception – Neville Goldsmith

(Lisa Kurtz)
Night and Day – Joe Bourke

311 Mornings – Vicki Johnson

by Keven Hyde, 5 November, 2023

Results for competitions in 2023 Zephyrs

There were 11 entries that were rated the highest by our judge(s).

Ida – In decline
Ralph Domino – APS Gold Medal
2023 Zephyrs

311 Mornings
Vicki Johnson – APS Silver Medal
2023 Zephyrs

Before the concert
Stephane Thomas – APS Bronze Medal
2023 Zephyrs

See Spear Savor
Graham Bowden – Highly Commended
2023 Zephyrs

The Textures of Urbanity
Lyndall Gerlach – Highly Commended
2023 Zephyrs

Mental Health is No Joke
Troy Lum – Highly Commended
2023 Zephyrs

Abstract Mice
Sally Paterson – Highly Commended
2023 Zephyrs

Martin Space
Grant Galbraith – Highly Commended
2023 Zephyrs

Down The Rabbit Hole
Troy Lum – Highly Commended
2023 Zephyrs

Lex Lucas – Highly Commended
2023 Zephyrs

Ebb and flow
Elizabeth Riley – Highly Commended
2023 Zephyrs

by Keven Hyde, 5 November, 2023

Zephyr Award Winners

The judging panel members have made their choices of the winners of the 2023 Zephyr Photography Awards.

Gold Medal and $1500 prize money: Ida in Decline – Ralph Domino

Silver Medal: 311 Mornings – Vicki Johnson

Bronze Medal: Before the Concert – Stephane Thomas

Highly Commended Awards:
Abstract Mice – Sally Peterson
Ebb and Flow – Elizabeth Riley
Martin Space – Grant Galbraith
Triple Vlada – Lex Lucas
Mental Health is No Joke – Troy Lum
The Textures of Urbanity – Lyndal Gerlach
Down the Rabbit Hole – Troy Lum
See Spear Savor – Graham Bowden

Encouragement Awards: $200 CameraPro Credit
(Sue Gordon): Duality in Perception – Neville Goldsmith
(Brett Lethbridge): Coming of Age – Stacey Nicholas
(Lisa Kurtz): Day and Night – Joe Bourke
(CameraPro): 311 Moorings – Vicki Johnson

All results to be posted shortly.

by Keven Hyde, 4 November, 2023

Judging of Zephyrs this Saturday

This years judging of the selected final images for the Zephyr Awards will be conducted this Saturday 4th November at 5.30pm.

Circumstances have dictated that we will not be able to do a live online presentation of Final Judging unfortunately.

Judges and organisers will be meeting from 5.30pm Saturday to select the winning entries.

Each judge will also select one image that will be awarded that Judge’s Encouragement Award.

First prize will received a Gold Australian Photographic Society medallion, and prize money of $1500.

Second and Third prize winners will receive Silver and Bronze Australian Photographic Society medallions.

All finalists will receive a Certificate.

Awards will be announced as soon as judging is completed via this post, which will be sent to all participants.

Thank you for your participation.

by Keven Hyde, 2 November, 2023

Finalists for Zephyr Awards

Dear entrant, on behalf of the organisers and judges of the Zephyrs, thank you for submitting your images.
We were excited to see such a large number of entries for the inaugural competition.

The competition was created specifically to acknowledge and reward photographers making innovative work, whose images sometimes get overlooked in more traditional photography competitions.

The standards were high, and the judges have finished the first round of judging.

Find below a list of finalists.

If you are a finalist, congratulations. Our judges will be meeting on Saturday 4 November to discuss and select the winning images.

If you are not a finalist this year, please accept our thanks again for participating. Each judge has also been given the opportunity to select an encouragement award from all entries submitted, so irrespective of whether you are a finalist, you could still be in the running for an award.

We can’t provide individual feedback on any of the entries, however we hope that when the winning images are revealed you will be inspired to push your creativity even further.

We look forward to seeing your work again in next year’s competition.

All the best, the Zephyrs.

by Keven Hyde, 2 November, 2023